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Pof dating

pof dating

Pof dating is also known as plenty of fish by plentyoffish media.  Plenty of fish is a free date service website which has been around for awhile now and is just about the most popular free personals dating site.

The interesting this is, dating websites such as match.com were charging people to be a member and find matches.

Plenty of fish burst into the scene and changed the dating landscape.  It is also known as go fish dating.  It is now one of the biggest online matchmaking websites in the world.

The one thing that allows pof to be free is it’s an ad supported website.

Just about every page you see on the website does seem to have an ad.  This is how it can be a free personals.  This is really not a downside at all.  There are now so many members of pof we lost count.

Pof does offer a personality test which is the free version of what you might find on Eharmony.com.  We have checked it out and use pof.  We must say that it does seem to do a pretty good job of finding matches based on your personality.  T

he test does cover the basics and does also seem to be in depth.

Your best bet is to take the test if you are thinking of joining pof.  This way you have a much better chance of finding someone you are compatible with.

The test doesn’t really take that long and you can learn a few things about yourself.  Then just put up a dating profile and try out this online dating social website.

Plenty of fish does have many members who also use chat rooms and there forum.  Their forum is a great placed to ask questions and get answers to problems you may have with dating.  Many members provide valuable information.

When you join pof you will get a welcome screen with pictures where you can see your matches and links at the top to other features to pof.

You can also access your email from a link at the top.  There is also a chat feature where people will message you when they see you are online.  All you have to do is accept and you are chatting with someone new.

Overall the site is pretty basic looking but that is what we found great about it.  It kind of gives it that down home feel you seem to trust.  Everyone here has tried and has been successful with pof dating.

It is actually one of the best personals websites we have found where members are very responsive.
Overall Plenty of fish is an awesome website which we give a big thumbs up to.

You really cannot go wrong with pof dating when its totally free of charge and one of the most popular dating sites and matchmaking service out there.

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