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What is the Secret to Attract Women

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Gentlemen, so you want to learn what attracts women?  Well it’s not really what you think it is.  Let’s have a show of hands!  Is it being a nice guy?  Or is it dressing good?  Well partially!  If you want to learn how to get their attention, then you must learn how to get their attention.

Ok, it all starts like this.  Men are attracted to a woman’s looks first of all.  Men usually take a look at how a woman looks are as the first thing.  He thinks and ponders if he is attracted to her or not. This is just how men are.

What attracts women!

Women on the other had are more drawn to personality then looks.  This is what attracts women.  Sure, a woman does have other things she looks for in a man.  Looks, money, stability and all that are very appealing to a woman.what is the secret to attract women

But if you don’t have personality, then many things don’t even matter and it’s not what they like.  Many men try and just use things like body language for attraction and for many men this does seem to work.

But after that if he ain’t got no personality, where does it go?

If you notice other men who get girls, they usually have something within their personality that show.  So, bottom line if you really want to learn the secret of attracting girls, then develop your personality.  After this, it’s then noticing the signs of what they like.

So, first and foremost guys, be yourself.  Don’t be possessive, angry, rude, a stick in the mud and all of the above.  Try and relax and be comfortable with who you are.  There are ways to gaining a girls attention and this is usually the biggest one.

So, What really gets a women’s attention?

Once you learn to feel easy with yourself, then you need to learn how to go up to a women you see.  Listen, this is not really that hard as you might think.  Approaching them, can be easy and fun.  Think of it as a game.  This way you will not take rejection to personally.  After all it may take a whole bunch of times asking them out to get a yes for a date.

What women find attractive.

Woman can find many things about a guy appealing.  But gentlemen, you don’t want to be too gentle here. Listen, after all you are a man.  And most, also find security in a man to be a sign of stability.  When you are funny and have personality and you can make a woman feel secure, then you are headed in the right direction.  On top of all of this you should also learn some flirting tips to attract women.

How you can get a girls attention

You can get them to notice you with charm, being funny, showing security and confidence. These are the big four as we like to call them.  Try it when you go out and try to meet woman.  Women find men most interesting when they have personality. Think of some of the big movie stars.  Think of the ones who have personality.  See what we mean? So learn what attracts women.

These are truly the secrets of what attracts women.  It’s no joke.  You can also arouse them with pheromones and other things, but if you don’t have the personality to back it up you have nothing.  If you want to be more attractive to them, then open up and relax.  Try it and see if you can date beautiful women.

Having a Personality

Many women are attracted to guys who have a great personality.  Usually these are guys who are fun loving, easy going and can talk to anyone.  Women like to have someone in their life they can relate too and someone they can come home to and be able to chat about things.

But, what if you think you don’t have a good personality?  Everyone has it in them, they just sometimes have to bring it out.  Try relaxing a little more and care free.  When you go out don’t look at the world as a bad place.  Just go out with frame of mind you just want to have fun.

After your done working this is the frame of mind you should have.  After all work time should be left back at work and when it’s play time you need to switch into that mode.  This can be hard to do for some guys but it can be done.  It just may take a little time and practice.

We are not saying be care free with your whole life.  We are just saying put everything in its proper place is all.

Women Want To Feel Secure

Women love to feel secure in their lives and after all why shouldn’t they.  What they seek from a male companion is truly security.  They want a man who works and is independent.  They also want a man who takes care of himself and is able to take care of others when needed.

This is what allows a woman to feel secure.  And if she has this she feel much better in her life.  She feels as if she does not have to take care of everything by herself.  So, what kind of security do you bring to the table.  Do you have a great job, you’ve had for a while?  Do you make good money?

Think about how you can provide security to any girl you date.

Being Yourself

Believe it or not you are a guy who is special.  And many times just being yourself and who you really are is what matters most.  Sure, there may be some things you need to change a little.  You may need to loosen up somewhat or maybe you need a better job.

But, everyone has special qualities they offer.  So, think about all the good things you can offer someone and when dating, show off your special qualities to your girl.

Here’s the what attracts women YouTube page!

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